Apr 30, 2009

Scrapbooking and Card Making Online Crop!!

Hey Gals and Guys!!! The DT has been hard at work planning some new exciting things coming up. And to kick off National Scrapbooking Day (May 2nd) we will be holding our first ever Online Crop!!


Each day we will be posting a sketch and a new challenge! And even a few fun games to get us searching!! Everything starts on Saturday morning, so be sure to stop by and help us celebrate this very Merry Merry Month of May!!!!

Be on the lookout for more details...and feel free to grab the banner and post it on your blogs. Help us get the word out! The more the merrier!!

Chellenges completed!!!

I was finally able to get a few moments to scrap some of the challenges from the Sisterhood of Scrap online crop!! Yeah...and they were soo much fun! If you haven't had a chance to get to any of them...today is the last day! Tonight I will be drawing a winner for my challenge ~ so check back tomorrow for the winner!!!

This first one was for Deanne's challenge #1. She wanted us to use a picture of a fashionable 50's skirt as inspiration for a card or layout!

This page was also a Deanne Challenge #10. She gave us an old Pepsi ad to take inspiration from...and she got me to pull out my wedding photos and start the album! So thanks Deanne!!!

This challenge came to us from Jenn who also happens to be the sister for May!!! Challenge #4 was to take the title of a famous 50's song and use it as a title on your layout. She also wanted to see 5 round elements reminiscent of records and roller skates!! These pictures are of my daughter at 18 months, 6 years, and 12 years.

Challenge #6 came from Carla and I knew when the challenge was given that this is one one I would be doing!!! I LOVE this look and the pop that the all white gives. I have done it before with a black/white picture, and it looks just as good with a colored picture!!! This picture was taken in Oklahoma City in Bricktown.

Challenge #9 also came from Carla. She wanted to see a 12 inch or 7 inch circle, with black somewhere, ooo and lots of bling!!! These are pictures of my daughter in her performance for dance class at school.

Challenge #3 came to us from Candace!!! Take a look and listen to the YouTube link that she has!! Too cute!! Anyway, she wanted us to use the song Lollipop as inspiration. So I decided to look up the lyrics and found this one that went perfect with this picture!! This was taken on a day when my son was not feeling very well, so he stayed home from school. He ate lunch and then went into my room to watch cartoons. I was only a few minutes behind him, but he had already fallen fast asleep.

This challenge #7 came to us from Ali! She wanted us to play with numbers...and to have a clock on the page! I thought of this picture and have had this paper forever!! It's of my step son during our Fall Pictures outing. Thanks Ali!

Wow!!! Seven out of ten challenges done!!! How many did you'all get done!!??

Happy Scrapping!!

Apr 20, 2009

Sisterhood Online Crop Challenge 2

First...Congrats to the Sister's to an amazing 2 years of inspiration!!!

Now, onto my challenge!!

We have a restaurant here in Colorado that prides itself on it's 50's inspired interior and atmosphere! The guys slick back their hair and the gals wear the poodle skirts! You can have your burger and shake while listening to Buddy Holly and the Drifters on the jukebox!

I took my son there this last week and took pictures of everything, but I settled on one for today's challenge. This is the front of their menu and it depicts the Diners part of our crop!! I want to see your pages or cards using the colors on the menu!

(feel free to use other colors as well...but these four must be there somewhere!!)

That's it....it's that easy!!! And here is my layout !

If you try this challenge, please link your blog or gallery in the comments for everyone to see!!! All challenges are due by April 30th and I will be holding a drawing with a prize for those that complete this challenge!! What is that prize you ask???

Well my son went shopping with me the other day and we picked out a few things that 'every scrapper could use'!

And I am going to follow in Deanne's footsteps *wink* If you choose to do both a layout and a card, you will get your name in the hat twice for the prize!!!

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!

Happy Scrapping!!

Apr 19, 2009

Another Sunday down!

Phew...I was able to sit down for a few hours today and scrap!!! I think it's been about 2 weeks since I could get anything done. It seems that my mojo comes and goes. When it's with me, I can just pop pages out, but when it's visiting someone else..aka Suzi...I go weeks just looking at my stuff with no inspiration. :(

Anyway, here are a few pages that I got done today. And be sure to check back tomorrow...Sisterhood of Scrap is having their 2nd Anniversary Online Crop this week, and my challenge goes up tomorrow!

We got these Nerf Tommy 20's for all of the boys for Christmas last year. And this is my hubby reenacting the famous 'Scarface' scene.

This page is for my daughter's 13th birthday. It was the hubby's turn to 'coach' the party, so I took the boys to see Santa, but took the camera with me. So he used his phone camera and all of the pictures came out with a yellow tint. I tried to fix them before I printed, but this was the best that I could do. So I used it and had a yellow background with green. ~And I don't know why they all have their mouths open in every picture~

Now here is a question for anyone who embosses. I used grunge board numbers and covered them with Color Box Pigment Inkpad. I then put clear embossing powder on and embossed. It should have come out clear, but it started to bubble and show these white speckles. My heater was pretty far away, so it was not burning it, and I love the outcome. But I am not sure why it did this. Any ideas would be appriciated!!!

Happy Scrapping!!!

Apr 13, 2009

Online Anniversary Crop for the Sisters!!!

Sock Hops, Drive-ins and Soda Shops
Join us April 19th-April 26th as we Rock Around the Clock!

Sisterhood of Scrap is TWO years old, and we are celebrating with an online crop. From April 19th-26th we'll post a challenge (or two!) each day . Drop by every morning and we'll direct you to one of the sisters' blogs and the scrapping challenge(s) for the day.

Of course we have some prizes to give away, including a Crate Paper Mia kit, a Basic Grey Porcelain card kit, a Stampin' Up stamp set and MUCH more!

So, kick off your shoes and get your poodle skirts on! Let's TWIST!


Feel free to grab the banner above and add it to your blog with a link to our site. Thanks!

Happy Scrapping!!

Easter 'Tie Dyed' Eggs

The other day, I was looking over at Today's Creative Blog and found a post for Easter Eggs and a way cool way to color them over at Our Best Bites! Take a look at the site for a tutorial on how to make these amazing creations!!! But I thought that I would post my pictures here of the end results.

Here are the ties.....

And here they are all bound up in the ties....don't they look cute!!!

And here are the way cool results!!

Now, one thing that I did, and not sure that I will do again, was boil them all together. My water in the end was a purple color and I think that it did bleed into some of the other eggs, so they did not turn out as brilliant. But I will definitely do this again next year, I will just buy the hubby some new ties!!!

Apr 6, 2009

New Look...New Layout!

A lot has been going on here at the homestead. I will be blogging about it on my personal blog in a little bit...but that is why I have not been on with an other pages from camp...

During camp, there is a secret envelope challenge. Our hostess and a few helpers put together 10 bags of assorted paper and embellishments for 10 wanting scrappers. Out of these bags, we are to make a layout. I was one of the lucky 'grabbers' along with a wonderful new friend Suzi, and fellow table mate Kim. We took before and after pictures of our supplies and what we created from them! (I did get permission to post their LO's on this site) :)

This first one is from Kim.
She used the before picture in her layout
and added some ribbon along the bottom.

This next one is from Suzi who made a two
page layout with her pages. Isn't her daughter
the cutest!!!

And lastly is mine. I tried to use everything in the bag along with a
new technique that I had read about in a recent magazine. I will be
writing out a tutorial on how I did this...but here it is!

After the voting by the other gals at camp, Suzi, I believe came in 2nd!!!!

Woohoo!!! So off now to blog on the other site. I will be back tomorrow for challenges and sketches...I have not done that in a few weeks :(

Happy Scrapping!!

Apr 2, 2009

Good weather and a little camp talk!

Whew...finally the sun has come out and I was able to get some good pictures of my pages!!! (Long post....sorry about the upload time... :) )

Maranatha is such an amazing place! Camp starts at 4pm on Friday afternoon and closes on Sunday at 5pm. So you can go and scrap for 49 hours straight or plan for a few hours sleep in between. (My roomy and I usually go down about 4am and up again for breakfast at 9) And it seems that I turn into a 12 little girl every time I step foot into the main hall. This is my 4 year going, so I am getting to know many of the gals that attend. And we spend that first night mostly catching up!

Previously we have stayed in the dorms (12 rooms with bunkbeds and a comunal bathroom) but after this last time, my roomy and I have decided to fork up the extra $20 and stay in the motel style. Case in point, we go to bed at 4am, and are super quite so not to wake anyone who is already sleeping. (And you hear everything in the dorms) So we do expect the same curtiousy in the morning from those early risers. So my roomy, I'll call her Mary, she and I awoke and she asked me, "do you want me to go yell at them. 'People are still sleeping!!'". I said a very quick and sleepy yes. So Mary gets up, walks to the door, opens it, pauses and then shuts it quickly and says "I can't say that to her" and runs back to the bed like a little girl sneaking to the cookie jar at night and hears her parents walking down the hall. LOL Maybe it's one of those 'had to be there moments' but we laughed soo hard.

One of the best parts of camp is that we do not have to cook. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared for us and this year the food was yummy!!!! (Not always the case) They put out a salad bar every meal, and bacon for breakfast!!! Mmmmm.............

Anyway, camp was a blast. I wish that we could do it more often though. Most of the ladies reside in Nebraska, so this is the only time that I get to see them and visit, except on Facebook!! :)

Okay...now onto some pages!!

This first one is Amanda right after her surgery last year. She could not make a complete sentence and just had the sappy silly smile! She was definitely feeling good!!

This was a simple page with journaling...which I do not do enough of, but this was my attempt at changing that!

This page I did for one of the challenges: Make a one page LO with 3 or more pictures. I used a borrowed cricut cartridge 'camping out' to get the branches and pine cones. This is just another cartridge on my long list of wants!!! I took the pine cones and used the stencil on the wrong side, put in some defining lines and then distress them on the right side. And I really like the way they came out! Oh...and I did win!!! 2nd place!!
This page of Taylor and Meko was also one of the daily challenges: A LO using Die Cuts. I used the cricut to cut the background scallop and then embossed it with a glittery white. And for this page, I won 1st place!!
I LOVE the way this page turned out. It was actually a lift from 'Mary' who had printed out some of her favorite pages found online. Below is the lift.

So if this is your page...thanks so much!!!
These next two pages will go in Bayle and Amanda's personal books. These two have an amazing relationship. And I have soo many pictures of them like this!!

This was also done for one of the daily challenges: No embelishments, which means that there cannot be anything more than 2-D on the page. I won 2nd again!!!

A very quick page that I got done on Sunday afternoon. The silver sheet is a reflective paper and I am not really sure where I got it. But it worked!! I liked the end result!!
There were a few more pages and challenges, but I will post them tomorrow! This post is getting pretty long! Have an amazing Thursday!!!