Aug 26, 2009

Missing mojo...

Have you ever been on a roll...looking up new techniques and trying new things...whipping out some pages that you are very proud of
...and then all of a sudden... gone...

No inspiration, no desire to sit and scrap... just nothing ..

That has been me these last two months. I walk by my scrap table and the urge pulling me towards it is not there. I still take pictures, but instead of creating pages in my head for later, the pictures wait still sit in the computer to be printed. My mojo took a summer vacation. But I am insistent that I will get it back.

I am starting a new project hat I have seen twice now and it might be just the thing I need to get get back into the swing! **cross fingers**

So in the words of some really strong guy... "I'll be back!!!" *snicker*