Jan 9, 2011


A new year brings a new start to things. Originally, I wanted to start this blog to create my own pages and sketches… Hence the name of the blog “Sketch this”. But I have come to realize…I am no good at sketching. And I find that when I do come up with a sketch, I overthink it so my page either comes out looking nothing like the sketch, or too literal.

So I have decided to change the name to something that is more accurate to what I want to blog about. Mainly, I want to share what I learn from others, promote sites that inspire my pages, and…well…have fun doing it!

Currently I am cleaning my scrap area so that I can start anew in the next few weeks! I hate to admit that I have not scraped a page in over three months. L boo.. I didn’t even make cards for Christmas ! I am slacking…and in truth, scrapping relaxes me, so there really is no reason NOT to be scrapping!!

On another note, my camera went Klapoowii. It now only works in the upside down position and the controls won’t function. The back story: During cheer this past season, I had the camera on a tripod and some of the girls got squirrely and knocked it over. When I picked it up, something inside had come loose and you could hear it sliding inside. It takes orange pictures…blah…so currently, I am without camera. But alas, I have a plan! I am looking at new cameras and will be getting one in February!

And to get back into the swing of things, I created a small bucket list of things that I would like to accomplish and an amount of time that I would like to get them done. A very good friend of mine would then call them ‘goals’…I will list them in the next few days!!

Sep 6, 2010


I scrapped!!!

Got 6 pages done today and a few yesterday! I will take pictures this week and post them! And update my links on the side...and start talking on some of my favorite forums...and scrap more!!!


Jun 17, 2010


Way to long....WAY to long.... I need to take pictures, and share them....

Mary...I hear ya!!

Sep 15, 2009

Get your CRAFT on!

I added my link over at "Today's Creative Blog"!!! Go take a look and see what some of the other creative guys and gals have been doing!!!

Happy Looking!!

A new project!

This weekend, Taylor and I spent almost 8 hours finishing this up! And it turned out soo amazing!! So here it is... A weekly poster board for her room!

I opened all of my drawers and boxes of scrap stuff and showed her some scrapbooks and we went to work!

First, we took posterboard and painted it our background color and then took a contrasting color and added 'spots' on the edges. Taylor is a girly girl so she of course chose pink with a darker pink background.

We then took corkboard and cut into 7 even squares and then a bunch of little ones. We painted the squares' edges in our contrasting color. The littler ones are going to be mostly hidden in the end with papers..(or whatever she chooses to put up there)..so I just painted the fronts sparingly.She decided where she wanted the squares to go and then we hot glued them down along with the littler pieces. She wanted to make decorations to fill in the space around them. She wanted her weekdays to be apart from the weekend days and wanted them to have a different look. She took some black and white ribbon and outlined the weekend squares.
And to give them a bit of sparkle, she added dots of the pink glitter to the star pattern.

We finished the weekend days by adding embossed titles of the days. (She did them all!!) She embossed on white and then took a pink ink pad and briefly touched the edges. Then added it to a sparkley background paper and pinned them onto the cork board with brads. She cut out a dino from the Cricut and added him with a sparkley eye and a bow using the remaining ribbon.
For the weekdays, she wanted a more easy-going look. She made the titles the same way using different embossing powder and background paper. In between a few of the days, she wanted to add color with some flowers and buttons.
To the right, she found a sticker sheet with different words and wanted to use them somehow. So we cut the sheet to size and she took a white pen and outlined words that ment something to her in one way or another. She found a pink square and the charms and wanted to tie them together, so we found some pink ribbon and added the ME chipboard. She had to paint the letters black and then add the Stickles so that they would 'go' with her theme. On the left, are two pockets that she wanted to put sheets of note paper in. So we found some rubons and plopped them on and edged the sides with pink, and sewed a little bit on the bottom.

All together, she did most of the work, but it helped me get back into things as well!!!
I will get a picture up soon of the after...lol

Happy Scrapping!!

Aug 26, 2009

Missing mojo...

Have you ever been on a roll...looking up new techniques and trying new things...whipping out some pages that you are very proud of
...and then all of a sudden... gone...

No inspiration, no desire to sit and scrap... just nothing ..

That has been me these last two months. I walk by my scrap table and the urge pulling me towards it is not there. I still take pictures, but instead of creating pages in my head for later, the pictures wait still sit in the computer to be printed. My mojo took a summer vacation. But I am insistent that I will get it back.

I am starting a new project hat I have seen twice now and it might be just the thing I need to get get back into the swing! **cross fingers**

So in the words of some really strong guy... "I'll be back!!!" *snicker*

Jun 10, 2009

"1 moment"

The first page that I want to share with you is from a sketch that I found on 52 sketches...52 weeks. It is her sketch 16 and it was one of the 'possibilities' for the DT submission.

I am really trying to pop out of my bubble and try more techniques. For instance, the grey paper behind the picture, I did not have the actual paper in this shape, so I had to come up with a way to create it. And if you know my style, I cannot free hand. I have no artistic ability that can magicly draw out shapes and have them turn out looking like anything recognizable... :)) I took my cricut and cut two of the shapes that I needed at 11 inches and then traced the shape by piecing them side by side to get the shape I wanted!

For the journaling, I stamped three separate journal pieces and ripped the edges. This is something that I am really trying to get better with. I have not been very good with journaling in the past, and it is a resolution....so far so good!!!

The journaling reads... This is but one moment when time stands still, and I can reflect on how perfect you are. How much my heart has grown every moment spent loving you. And looking forward to every moment to come. I am Blessed!

This was another possible submission for the DT. It was sketch 12, and in this one, I played with a little paper cutting and colors. Like the blue flower...I would have put on a green, white, or pinkish to go with the colors of the page...but I saw this blue and it just kind of worked...still not sure why, but I like it!! :)

More tomorrow!!!

Happy Scrappin'