Jan 26, 2009

A few more

I was pretty busy this weekend, but I was able to sit down for a little bit and get a few pages done. These are the last few for Amanda's book (until the next printing) and I am starting on Taylor's.

This picture was taken at the lake this last summer. She just turned around, and I could see how beautiful her smile was. It was a perfect opportunity for me to share what I see. I found this transparency as I was scrapping and painted the back to make the words pop out.

Here we were at my Aunts wedding (8*8*08) and Taylor was able to meet some of the extended family. Here she was a little hesitant to 'boogie' in front of everyone, but caught the music and started up!

Happy Scrapping!

Jan 22, 2009

Father/Daughter moment

This is a page that I did this past weekend for a challenge that our Guest DT did over at Scrapbooking and Card Making. This picture was taken when we were goofing around and just taking shots. But I love this one of the hubby and Taylor. He hates to be in front of the lens about as much as I do! So the fact that he is smiling and looking into the camera is a keeper!! And Taylor does adore him, so the simple lean on the shoulders makes it that much more special!

Jan 20, 2009

Week 1-20 Challenges

Sisterhood of Scrap has a DT call out!!! Check here for all of the info and you will get the chance to be a Sister for a month!

The sisters also have a new weekly challenge up asking for any WINTERY layouts! So get your pictures out, snow or no snow, and get creating! Make sure to email it by Sunday evening!

BBTB has a new Cricut challenge using the Wedding cartridge.

There is a new eZine out Scrap n' Art. Well it's not so new, but I just found it and every two months they put out a new ezine much like one that you would buy at the store. All you need to do is sign up, it is FREE, and you can download the most recent issue. There is also a tab to see any page calls. If you were ever thinking of getting published, this would be a great start!! Click here to go straight to the most recent calls.

And as always, there are new sketches out this week! Pencillines, 52 sketches...52 Weeks, Ria Creations, and Creative Scrappers!

And lastly, for this week, Sketches {by Tamara} is hosting a recipe challenge. I love these, they give you a start and then your imagination kicks in! So check it out as well as her DT creations!!

Happy Scrapping!!!

Jan 19, 2009

New Sketch

I posted a new sketch over at Scrapbooking and Card Making.

Let me know if you try it out!!

Jan 14, 2009

A Tecture Tutorial

For this months technique tutorial over at Scrapbooking and Card Making, I thought that I would share one that I got from DIY about a year ago. It has you pleating paper on your page and using it as a visual interest on your scrapbook page. First you will need to collect your supplies. For this technique you will need your background paper, assorted patterned paper (for this I used 5 in shades of green), a 12inch ruler, pencil, paper cutter, strong tape, and some chalk for edging.

Step 1 - Take your main background and cut out a 1 1/2 inch border all the way around.

You will end up with a square you can use later for matting pictures or put in your scraps pile.

Step 2 - Use your choice of chalk or distressing ink to ink the inside portion of the square. In my picture I chose to use a light brown and it does not show up much here but it does make a difference in the end result.

Step 3 - Take your 12inch ruler and mark the middle point on your background as shown.

Step 4 - Make tick marks on your page going in both directions every 1/2 inch. This is the side of the paper that will not be shown, so you can use a pencil or a marker.

Step 5 - Do the same tick marks on the other side of the paper. And set aside.

Step 6 - Take your patterned paper and cut to 10" x 1 1/2" strips. You can use up to as many patterns as you like although the rule of less is more definitely applies. I would suggest though using odd numbers of patterned paper. It will give the appearance of randomness, and not a pattern.

Step 7 - Bring back your outer square and apply a strong tape to the sides we marked earlier.

Step 8 - Take your first strip of patterned paper and fold in half.

Working from the top and bottom going toward the middle, place your strips with the folded side toward the middle of the paper, lining them together on the tick marks at both sides.

Work your way from the top and bottom to the middle so that you can see and plan your design. Be careful not to place your papers in order, this will only create a pattern and we are looking to make it very random.

Continue until all of your papers have been placed down.

Turn your paper over to see your finished result!

Step 9 - Embellish and have fun!!

Here is a page that I did about a year ago using the same technique:Photobucket

And another that I did this weekend, using the technique but on a much smaller scale. I also twisted the direction of the paper.

I hope that this was able to teach and inspire you to try something new. And I would love to see what you come up with!!!

A few pages from this weekend

These pages will be going into Amanda's book so some
of the pictures I have scrapped before. It's not DejaVu :)

This is Amanda and her boyfriend for homecoming. Now, I remember homecoming some 15 years or so ago, and we did not were dresses like these...but times have changed I guess...and she was very beautiful in it.

Bayle brought home a place mat that he had made at school and that was the inspiration for this next page. He helped me tape the pages down and inner twine them.

Week 1-12 Challenges

BBTB has adorable challenge this week using the Walk in My Garden - Snail cut. There are some very cute little projects being created!

Sisterhood of Scrap is back after the Christmas break with a challenge to make some 'Thank you' cards. Make sure to link your card by Jan 18th to be entered into the prize being drawn at the end of the month!

52 Sketches...52 Weeks has a whole new look and all new sketches. And there is an awesome weekly prize up for grabs, so take a look and get your pages in before Sunday!!

Page Maps has a whole new slew of sketches for you to try this month! Also, take a look at their newsletter for some amazing pages created by the twenty new scrappers!

Got Sketch, Ria Creations, and Pencil Lines all have new sketch challenges this week! Be sure to take a gander! There is also a Recipe Challenge over at Sketches! {by Tamara} that will get you thinking outside of the box.

And lastly for this week... Sisterhood of Scrap has a DT call out for anyone interested!!! Click here for details on applying! Good luck!!

Happy Scrapping!!!