Jan 9, 2011


A new year brings a new start to things. Originally, I wanted to start this blog to create my own pages and sketches… Hence the name of the blog “Sketch this”. But I have come to realize…I am no good at sketching. And I find that when I do come up with a sketch, I overthink it so my page either comes out looking nothing like the sketch, or too literal.

So I have decided to change the name to something that is more accurate to what I want to blog about. Mainly, I want to share what I learn from others, promote sites that inspire my pages, and…well…have fun doing it!

Currently I am cleaning my scrap area so that I can start anew in the next few weeks! I hate to admit that I have not scraped a page in over three months. L boo.. I didn’t even make cards for Christmas ! I am slacking…and in truth, scrapping relaxes me, so there really is no reason NOT to be scrapping!!

On another note, my camera went Klapoowii. It now only works in the upside down position and the controls won’t function. The back story: During cheer this past season, I had the camera on a tripod and some of the girls got squirrely and knocked it over. When I picked it up, something inside had come loose and you could hear it sliding inside. It takes orange pictures…blah…so currently, I am without camera. But alas, I have a plan! I am looking at new cameras and will be getting one in February!

And to get back into the swing of things, I created a small bucket list of things that I would like to accomplish and an amount of time that I would like to get them done. A very good friend of mine would then call them ‘goals’…I will list them in the next few days!!